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Digital e-label wine label quick and easy

Easily comply with the EU wine label regulation 2017/2117

Are you a wine producer and want to sell your wines without having to deal with complicated regulations? Then you've come to the right place! enables you to meet the requirements of the EU Wine Label Regulation 2017/2117 quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

What does this mean for you? Quite simply, our platform allows you to record the ingredients and nutritional information of your wines electronically. And the best thing about it? We automatically generate a QR code with a unique URL for each product. This QR code can be attached directly to the bottle. Your customers can easily scan the code with their smartphones and immediately call up all the legally required information. not only enables you to comply with the EU wine label regulation, but also makes it easy for your customers to obtain the information they need. No more time-consuming label printing and manual input! Our e-label service makes labeling your wines a breeze.

Are you ready to bring your wines in line with legal requirements? Then register today and experience how easy it can be to comply with the EU Wine Label Regulation 2017/2117!

From the e-label to the end customer in just 4 steps


Print shop

The print shop receives the QR code from you and prints it on your label



You cover your bottles and sit back and relax


End customer

The end customer scans your QR code on the bottle and finds out more about your wine

Example wine label with the minimum requirements

On the right-hand side you will find an e-label for a wine label in cell phone view.

It simulates the view of your scanned wine label with a current smartphone. You can move up and down within this display.

You will find the same view in our e-label editor, where the information you have entered for the wine is updated and displayed in real time.


In this example, only the most important ingredients are activated.

In the e-label software, you can select additional ingredients or add your own.



You can find further examples of such e-labels here...



A QR code for catalogs, price lists and web stores?

Here you can see a scan group on your cell phone, which is called up via the QR code from a price list. Each wine can be viewed in detail and you can also test the language switching.

In our system you have the option of creating scan groups for price lists, catalogs and your webshop.

This means that you can print a QR code on your price list or in your catalog. After scanning this QR code, all wines are displayed clearly grouped together.

Within this scan group, customers can search for specific wines using an activated search field. This provides an efficient way to find the information they are looking for.

LIVE Test -> Scan the QR code from the wine price list:

Our E Label packages and prices


Create e-label and download immediately

Subsequent editing is possible

Once you have created a product, you can download the QR codes for your e-label immediately and send them to your print shop. The stored data can be changed at any time.

5 steps to the e-label QR code

Assignment of access rights

Your print shop can download the QR codes directly

Manage access for print shops, administrators, editors and admins
Invite your print shop or employees to download or change your QR codes.

To the instructions - Creating user roles



Tour of the E Label processing software

Function: QR code statistics on scanned e-labels in retail

Mass download QR codes

Within the E Label software, you can download all QR codes of a product group as a zip file at once. The QR codes are stored in folders with the product name and prevent confusion when passing them on. In addition to the 3 generated QR code graphics, you will find a link that opens your wine e-label directly.

To the instructions Export QR code for wine labels

Add product features

With our flexible e-label software, you can quickly and easily add missing or additional product features. E.g. chamber prize coins or other awards. Thanks to our modular programming of the e-label software, we can react quickly to legal changes in the EU. Additional product types such as beers, non-alcoholic and high-proof drinks can already be used for our e-labels.

To the instructions Add product features to the e-label


Book our E Label wine with QR code

Take a look at our prices and book our service for digital wine labels.

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